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as a navy s.e.a.l., serving multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. since 2010, he protected american diplomatic personnel in dangerous posts from central america to the middle east. he had the hands of a healer. as well as the arms of a warrior. earning distinction as a registered nurse and certified paramedic. our hearts go out to tyrone's wife, dorothy, and his three sons, tyrone jr., hunter, and kai, born just a few months ago, along with his grieving family, friends, and colleagues. glen doherty, who went by bub, was also a former s.e.a.l. and an experienced paramedic. , too, died as he lived. serving his country and protecting his colleagues. glen deployed to some of the most dangerous places on earth, including iraq and afghanistan. always putting his life on the line to safeguard other americans. our thoughts and prayers are with glen's father, bernard, his mother, barbara, his brother, gregory, his sister, kathleen. and their grieving families, friends, and colleagues. i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today
, will explain what he did to move away from -- again we were on the precipice of great depression, the iraq war, i think the american people know that we have a tough economy, largely what the republican convention last week was, was hiding their own agenda, a bunch of platitudes and angry insults. people know that we have a tough economy. they want to know how we're going to move forward. we have energized near colorado, here, great volunteers, we're beginning to see great rental strigs. we think we'll be able to build the kind of excitement on the ground to win this election. particularly for the middle class voters in this country, who do you trust to make economic decisions with you at the core? and mitt romney is clearly going to make every decision through the prism of he believes, if people like him get a huge tax break, somehow that's going to trickle down to everyone else. >> another big economic decision that people will have to make is about medicare. medicare has been a winner for democrats. in his convention speech, paul ryan signaled to suggest that the republicans weren't going t
eight trips to iraq alone since he was vice president. a total of, i have it here, 16 trips all-tolled in his career. they want that in everybody's mind when he heads into the debate with the opposition and paul ryan, of course. i want to tell everybody, we're going down to the floor right now. we have quick takes from our entire team. jake? >> we've heard osama bin laden's name mentioned a number of times. but white house advise oars say they expect the president's biggest task is to paint a picture of the economy over the next four years. they've contrasted well the choice between president obama, running the country for the next four years, versus mitt romney. but what they really need to do is make it so president obama paints a popular and powerful picture of the economy going forward for the next four years, as opposed to the last four years. >> across the floor from me, jon karl. >> they're trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle you've heard the president talk about from 2008. you heard from joe biden, his favorite slogans. down here on the floor, the delegates al
to an eruption of deadly violence in iraq, 26 people were killed in more than 90 injured by a wave of bombings targeting security forces in shiite neighborhoods. officials blamed al qaeda in iraq which has been trying to undermine their fragile government. >>> and in spain tonight at least 12 people have been injured when riot police clashed with protesters rallying in steep cuts in government spending. the violence broke out when police at the times moved in to disperse the crowds and some responded by throwing rocks and bottles. >>> back in this country tonight there are troubling new questions this evening about airport security. we have learned this evening that twice in the last week agents with the transportation security administration, the tsa, allowed loaded guns to through airport checkpoints. here's abc's mark greenblatt now. >> reporter: in the latest black eye for tsa, a loaded .38 caliber gun like this went undetected by screeners. new orleans hornets' executive joshua richardson says he mistakenly flue with it from new orleans to newark. just one day earlier in orlando, they mis
house said the president did not see the accident. >>> and iraq has just suffered one of its deadliest days since withdrawal of groups. in nearly two dozens shootings across the countries and hundreds of others wounded. no one has claimed responsibility but the government is blaming al qaeda. >>> and a top al qaeda leader has been killed in a car crash. he was born in algeria and had been a longtime leader of the terror group. the accident took place in western africa. >>> just in time for the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. there is word this morning that the government is about to officially link cancer to death around new york's ground zero. that link could be made as soon as tomorrow. and it means that rescue and recovery workers and those who live near ground zero could seek from the compensation fund. hundreds have died from cancer since 9/11. >>> and new yorkers are recovering from a weekend of wild weather stunned by two extremely rare tornadoes. the twisters touching down in brooklyn and queens on saturday just moments apart. they ripped apart roofs and tre trees winds t
credit cards. waves of servicemen and women are returning home from iraq and afghanistan and now families need to keep a major piece of moneyy advice in mind. >> when they want to go on a cruise, or buy a new car, do something that is really big and great because everybody is feeling good, but it is better to wait when emotions come down and you can lead with your head, not your heart. >> there are some categories with tips, basic training aid, financial resources, and an action center to help you create and manage your credit score, create a savings plan, pay down some of the debt. it is avaiin the app store. they are working on an android version as well. christian schafer, abc-2. >>> this is great. if you have ever dreamed of attending an ivy league school and did not have the grades, you can take some of the classes for free. schools like princeton and harvard and hopkins are offering online courses at no cost. the courses are a good way to enhance your skills and can be particularly helpful for people searching for a job. >> there is a gab between training and unemployment that can b
it was a mistake to end the war in iraq and bring all of our warriors home. he said it was a mistake to set an end date for the warriors in afghanistan and bring them home. >> reporter: after blitzing the campaign trail romney is back home in new hampshire. he went to church with his family this morning while democrats rally in charlotte the republican candidate will be off the trail. in charlotte today hundreds of demonstrators took to the street. organizers called it marching in row street south. with protesters rallied against economic inequality and war and called for greater social justice but it was a smaller demonstration than organizers predicted. officials are starting to step up security measures and much of the downtown will be closed on tuesday when the convention kicks off. abc news charlotte north carolina. >> the reverand moon has died. he died in south korea. his church gained fame for lieutenants mass weddings. he would match up followers from different countries to build a religious world. he was a friend with president nixon and regan. >> the man who wrote rain drops keep fall
security argument away from the other side. he reinforced an afghanistan, he got us responsibly out of iraq. he's taken osama bin laden. he's firm, a visionary. he's been tough and decisive. i know what the republican narrative wants to be. when you get below the rhetoric, there are no facts to support these charges. in in fact, we worked the defense. we got the strongest relationship with israel i think we have ever had. very good relations. i don't find much ground on these comments from the republicans. >> if you look at how the american people feel who would be better on foreign policy? obama, 51%. romney, 38%. trust to handle terrorism? obama, 51%. romney, 40%. that was tuesday. could the events of the last week change those numbers? >> they sure could. a question of where it goes. i think, liz, despite what you're saying, even the romney thinks they mishandled the initial way they handle this. when mitt romney came out after the attack to where he is right now. >> the romney campaign doesn't always get it right. >> there you go. as far as longterm implications this is potential danger
after declaring the end to the u.s. combat mission in iraq. david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, the president trying to draw some stark contrast with his challenger in that speech. >> reporter: dan, very quickly, the ama campaign pointed out that not once did mitt romney mention the war in afghanistan nor the military. so, the president stopped at ft. bliss, surrounded by soldiers. it was an official stop. but that didn't stop the president pointing out his record. he meant what he said. going after the war in iraq, going after al qaeda. >> even as this war ends, we will stay vigilant until afghanistan is never again a course for attacks against america. never again. >> reporter: the big message for the president to those soldiers is that the commitment of the country to those soldiers is just beginning. he talked about mental health and several other issues facing our soldiers. dan? >> he talked about the message there. now, the president gears up for the democratic convention. is there an overriding theme they're hoping to convey? >> reporter: yeah. choice
to terrorism and foreign policy. the president promised that he'll end the iraq war, he did. he would focus on osama bin laden and bring him to justice, we did. romney called ending the iraq war tragic. it was unthinkable that we didn't leave 20,000 troops behind. he said famously in 2008, he wouldn't have gone into pakistan to get bin laden. these are important issues. not just from a foreign policy standpoint, one of the reasons that we have huge deficits we have these unpaid wars. the voters also view these foreign issues through a prism. >> david plouffe, thank you very much >>> we'll be right back with our powerhouse roundtable in just 60 seconds. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. >>> quick change there. george will is off today. we're joined by donna brazile on the roundtable. matthew dowd. maggie haberman
amputation. we walked into a dinner for those who served in iraq, tall, and 20 pounds heavier, dashing in his uniform, with a big grin on his face, sturdy on his new leg. i remember how a few months after that, i would watch him on a bicycle, racing with his fellow wounded warriors on a sparkling spring day, inspiring other heroes who had just begun the hard path he had traveled. he gives me hope. [ applause ] he gives me hope. i don't know what party these men and women belong to. i don't know if they'll vote for me. but i know that their spirit defines us. they remind me in the words of scripture that ours is a future filled with hope. if you share that faith with me, if you share that hope with me, i ask you tonight for your vote. [ cheers and applause ] if you reject the notion that this nation's promise is reserved for the few, your voice must be heard in this election. if you reject the notion that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder, you need to stand up in this election. if you believe that new plants and factories can dawn or landscape, that new energy can power
in iraq where insurgents launched a wave of attacks striking in at least ten cities. 44 people were killed. 240 wounded. no claim of responsibility tonight. >>> we're also learning more this evening about the fbi's move to use new science against criminals in this country. eye scans and other so-called biometrics on street corners and surveillance cameras that scan our faces as we walk by. here's reena ninan now. >> looks like we got a head. >> u.s. marshals. >> reporter: you've seen it on tv. >> facial recognition match on the father. >> reporter: and in the movies for years. now it may soon be coming to a city near you, the fbi's billion dollar project will use available surveillance cameras to scan faces and match those images against their national database of known criminals. dubbed the next generation identification program, face recognition, dna, iris scans and voice identification will make it harder for the most wanted to hide. some worry about the potential to invade privacy, others believe it's a crime-fighting tool whose time has come. >> you've got to go after them where they
of the economy. half a dozen wounded veterans from afghanistan and iraq are going to be joining the baltimore canton kayak club to remember the develops of september len -- did victims of september 11th. >>> flight 93 national memorial honoring victims of united flight 93 in shanksville pennsylvania. vice president joe biden is expected to attend. 44 people died when the plane crashed into a field. >>> in d.c. the annual wreath laying ceremony is happening this morning at the pentagon. president obama and secretary of defense leon panetta will be among the speakers scheduled to attend the event. >>> and also today, all kinds of entertaining things around the inner harbor because of september 11th on this anniversary. the rocking pier to support military families, the concert taking place at the pier near the hard rock cafe. proceed will go towards the fisher house which helps military families in need. >>> you might wonder if good weather is in store for those heading to the inner harbor let's go over to lynette charles. >> yes but it's going to get on the cooler side once again. and we are s
's ambitions would require more military might than iraq and afghanistan wars combined. >>> and sadly, there is still no end in sight as the teachers strike in chicago drags into a fourth day. the school district has presented the union with a new comprehensive proposal. and its negotiators are demanding a response or counterproposal. but the teachers union says it will take time to work things out. >>> calleb medley is returning his recovery at a long-time facility. he lost an eye and suffered brain damage. his wife gave birth to their first child five days after the shooting. >>> time, now, for the weather from across the nation. sunny and mild for much of the east coast. showers from coastal georgia down to florida. thunderstorms in the entire state of texas and along the gulf coast. also, stormy from oklahoma city to little rock, st. louis and chicago. scattered showers in the four corners of the southwest. >> upper 90s in phoenix. 60s from albuquerque into the nation's midsection. mostly 80s along the east coast. >>> and when we come back this thursday morning, a new way to get y
, president obama is moving america forward, not back. >> he said he'd end the war in iraq and he has. >>reporter: many were critical of republican rival mitt romney, including the first latino keynote dnc speaker, san antonio mayor julian castro. >> governor romney has undergone an extreme makeover. and it ain't pretty. so here's what we're going to say to mitt romney in november, we're gonna say no. >>reporter: but tonight wrapped up with a positive speech from first lady michelle obama. the president and his two daughters watched the convention from the white house as the first lady made a plea to undecided voters. >> barack knows the american dream because he's lived it and he wants everyone in this country, everyone to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we're from or what we look like or who we love. >>reporter: tonight the most popular ex-president will take center stage and party leaders here are hoping bill clinton will fire up the crowd and push voters to reelect obama. live in charlotte, i'm sandra endo, back to you. >>> let's talk about what's going
, is the empty chair of the man or woman that didn't come home from iraq. it's the empty chair of a woman working two shifts because she doesn't have flex time. who will provide that for her? it's the empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimer's who's in a home because the family can't manage him. >> i wonder, do democrats have an advantage after hearing from the republicans said, in now being able to shape their own message? >> president obama gets to spend that week trying to fill clint eastwood's empty chair. the reference to foreign policy, almost non-existent. the president has an advantage there. only one of the two candidates is currently the commander in chief. >> as you saw this weekend, the white house releasing the behind-the-scenes images of their micro brewed beer there. a let of political strategists suggesting there's micro targeting going on. >> a beer is not just a beer, david. when it comes to politics, everyone knows that the key voters in this election will be white, working class voters. both sides having trouble relating to them. a clear message from obama, i am one of you,
again. iraq, iran, afghanistan and pakistan. fueling this fury that online movie called "the innocence of muslims," which denigrates the prophet muhammad. it was produced in america. in cairo, people in the streets telling us that the american government is to blame. we asked them what they want america to do. they want an official apology from president obama. on twitter, a spat broke out between the u.s. embassy and the ruling egyptian political party the muslim brotherhood. the embassy warning the brotherhood that it was reading -- in arabic -- tweets sent from their account -- supporting the protesters. "by the way, have you checked out your own arabic feed? i hope you know, we read those, too." tomorrow, the muslim brotherhood is calling for a peaceful march. but diane, we know the demonstrations are unpredicta e unpredictable. the city is on edge. >> thank you so much, lama. now, we turn to that tragedy in libya. we learned more today about those five hours under siege in the dark of night, ending in the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. there hav
. the places we see, afghanistan, iraq, yemen and pakistan. they also risk their lives working in places we rarely see, nigeria, venezuela, suzanne. 326 foreign service servicers have died in the line of duty. four more names to be engraved. the president and secoretary of state. >> my name is chris stevens. >> reporter: chris stevens was so proud having given libya back to its people. so many there letting america now know they are against the attacks. chris stevens was a friend to them, and today, the president vowing that thousands of others like chris will continue his mission. >> we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves. whatever their creed. whatever their faith. >> reporter: and so we choose the brave men and women who continue their work tonight all over the world. thank you for watching. we're always online at a b abcnews.c the season premiere of "20/20," 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you this weekend. diane back on monday. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. from washington, d.c., this is power players week
was welcomed home by her twin sister, who served in iraq, and her children. >> i'll be in the army when i grow up, following in my mommy's footsteps. >> reporter: first lieutenant daniel loeffler dropped out of college, turned down a good job and joined the army after 9/11. back after his fifth deployment. >> i'm certainly glad to be home, although it means that someone else is over there fighting in my place. >> reporter: though the surge is over, the war is not. there are still 68,000 american troops in afghanistan -- troops that loeffler hopes will someday see success. >> 30 years from now, i would loveo be sitting on my couch talking to my grandchildren, telling them about afghanistan and how the people don't live in fear anymore and that i had a part in earning that freedom. >> reporter: but that is a determination that is a long way away. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha tonight. so many powerful homecomings, so many families back home this weekend. >>> we're going to turn now to the headline out of hollywood tonight. the countdown is on to the primetime emmy
mired in iraq. today, i believe that as a nation we are moving forward >> reporter: and just as romney tries to convince voters of empathy, an image from the campaign of a young romney, a missionary overseas, missing his girlfriend, ann. his hear then as romney works to show heart now. >> hi heart aches for the people i've seen. i was, yesterday, with a woman who was emotional and she said, "look, i've been out of work since may." she was in her 50s. she said, i don't see any prospects. >> reporter: the big debate less than a week away. the president is going to nevada for debate prep and governor romney is going to practice more this weekend. i did ask the governor about nerves, if he's worried. he said he's not. he's ready to draw the line, the differences between the two. but you know a lot is riding on this. >> could be make or break. you'll be there next wednesday. thank you, david. >>> now, to an explosive headline about the 9/11 attack in libya that killed four americans, including america's ambassador, chris stevens, the white hou. the white house described it as a mobile riot,
or woman that didn't come home from iraq, people are sitting around the table, their wife, daughter is gone. the woman who has to work two shifts. isn't able to have flex time. empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimers can't be there, because the family can't manage them. >> reporter: the white house on a lighter note released recipe for the secret brew of the white house, beer recipe. an effort to reach white working class voters. the secret to the election, perhaps, president obama trying to sent message he is ready to occupy the seat next to you even if it is a bar stool. rick klein, abc news, charlotte. >> cheers. >> good stuff. >> bottom up. thank you, mr. president. speak of the president and serious news. the president will travel to louisiana today to see firsthand the aftermath of hurricane isaac. hundreds of thousand of homes and businesses still have no power this morning. nearly a week after the storm hit. many people are still being kept from their homes because of all of the widespread flooding in parts of the state. those who have been able to go home, still face misery on
to beijing without insulting our strongest ally. my opponent said thatt was tragic to end the war in iraq and he won't tell us how he'll end the war in afghanistan. >> how will the president romney end the war in afghanistan? >> look, those kind of comments are said when you don't have a good record to run on, when you're offering four more years of the same. >> you don't think he has a good foreign policy -- >> to your afghanistan question, we have said that we agreed the 2014 and where we're ended with afghanistan. but where we have taken issue is the generals on the ground get the resources they need to keep our soldiers safe and offer counte counterinsurgency needs. so, we beg to differ with the president on parts of his afghanistan policy. but we support the 2014 deadline. >> finally a question about the debates. your debate coming up in october. i want to show you part of a fox news debate from the republican primaries and get you to respond. here it was. >> say you had a deal, a real spendings cut deal, 10-2, spending cuts to tax increase. >> reporter: speaker, you're already shaki
. and he trusted that vice president to oversee the successful end of the war in iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. and joe biden -- joe biden did a great job with both. now, he -- president obama -- president obama appointed several members of his cabinet, even though they supported hillary in the primary. heck, he even appointed hillary. i am very proud of her. i'm proud of the job she and the national security team have done for america. i am grateful that they have worked together to make it safer and stronger to build a world with more partners and fewer enemies. i'm grateful for the relationship of respect and partnership she and the president have enjoyed. and the signal that sends to the rest of the world that democracy does not have to be a blood sport. it can be an honorable enterprise that advances the public interest. now, but besides the national security team, i am very grateful to the men and women who served our country in uniform through these perilous times. and i am especially grateful to michelle obama and to joe biden for supporting t
multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. also protecting the consulate. >>> the man who wrote, produced and directed the film is in hiding. nakoula basseley nakoula asked police for protection and left his california home after getting death threats. a correspondentic -- a coptic christian, identified as a drug manufacturer and scam artist. he told authority he wrote the script in prison. secretary of state hillary clinton said the movie was apparently intended to provoke rage. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. there is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> some actors in the film have come forward to say they were duped. they said, the original script contained nothing about muhammad. but offensive word were dubbed in after the filming. >> yes, our correspondent in cairo, talking with a lot of the protestors, they want an apology from president obama. this film has been pulled, film pulled from public view. john, martha raddatz reported on "world news" last night that there were warning signs that al qaeda's leader was encouraging am
in iraq and bring our warriors home. >> reporter: and it's chatter over one of the most memorable moments of the convention goes on the. that conversation between clint eastwood and the empty chair representing president obama with the president saying yesterday, he's still a huge clint eastwood fan. >> it's been dubbed the clipt moment. thank you, cecilia vega. for more, we go to jake tapper in washington. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, lara, how are you? >> good. i want to start with the incident with the two allegedly drunken delegates. not the way the obama campaign would want to start this week. is it a big deal? >> it's not. we think of conventions as ways for politicians and parties to present their case to the american people. for thousands of delegates, these are conventions like any other. that means a lot of men behaving badly. >> so you say present their case. what are the top three things you think need to happen this week for obama? >> first, he has to rally the base. easier to do when you're a candidate than when you're an incumbent. he has to get the voters
the fatal accident. >>> iraq is reeling from one of the deadliest days since withdrawal of u.s. troops. 90 people killed, two dozen bombings and shootings. more than 350 wounded. many attacks targeted soldiers and police recruits. so far no one claimed any responsibility, but the government is blaming al qaeda. >>> there was even more bloodshed ein syria. a car bomb in aleppo killing 17 and wounding several others. fighting continued throughout the country between government troops and rebel forces. several military officers and civilians were also killed when a roadside bomb blew up a bus. >>> go ahead. >> the concern here is that a lot of these extremist groups are going to start popping up too. shortly, just a couple hours before this blast, a jordanian militant leader linked to al qaeda warned his extremist group will launch deadly attacks to help the rebels in syria topple assad. so you see a lot of extremist groups, just kind of joining the cause as well. >> some folks advocated american action in syria. if you don't get there and get control, get assad out of office that becomes fer
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